Anguilla FAQ's

Where is Anguilla?

located in the Leward Islands in the NE Caribbean Sea 6 miles north of Saint Maarten and less than 200 miles east of Puerto Rico.

How do I get to Anguilla?

Most people get to Anguilla via air in Wallblake airport. Many people also go into nearby St. Martin and take a small jet flight or ferry ride over to the ferry terminal at blowing point.

What is the weather like in Anguilla?

Anguilla’s weather is warm with high’s in the high 80’s ( 32c) and lows in the low 70’s (22c) with very little rain and light breezes. Generally clear skies throughout the winter and light clouds in the summer months.

What Language is spoken in Anguilla?

English is the official and spoken language.

What currency is used in Anguilla?

The official currency is the East Caribbean Dollar with the US Dollar being widely and most commonly accepted.

Can we use a credit card on Anguilla?

Yes, most businesses on Anguilla accept credit cards, Visa and MC are most popular. AMEX is also accepted at most resorts.

Are there ATM machines on Anguilla?

Yes, there are several ATM machines around the island. Be sure your card has the PLUS symbol.

What type of accommodation can I expect in Anguilla?

Most accommodation in Anguilla is of the luxury resort hotel variety with private villas and condominiums also available.

Do I need a passport to enter Anguilla?

Yes, all visitors now need a passport to enter. Most travelers to Anguilla do not need a visa to enter, Anguilla has the same entry requirements as the UK. For a list of countries that require a visa please visit the British High Commission.

Is it difficult to drive on Anguilla?

Driving is not a problem on Anguilla. Just remember to drive on the left and bring your drivers permit. Car rentals are available at numerous locations on the island.

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