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Let your senses be swept away at the Venus Spa where a peaceful sanctuary awaits your arrival.

You will find the best treatments available to replenish your body, spirit and mind with custom facials, mineral baths, aromatherapy and anti-aging treatments, arctic and mineral rich thermal masks, countless massage and body treatments, full service salon, fitness training and yoga


All facials include scalp, neck, décolleté and hand massage.

Four-Layer Facial 50 min – $100

This treatment is perfect for dry to combination skin types. Gentle exfoliation, extractions and stimulating massage are incorporated to deeply cleanse the skin. Pure marine extracts rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins rebalance the skin.

Hydra Dew™ Facial 50 min – $95

Re-establishes hydration and helps combat fine lines and environmental aggressors. The amino acid Palmitoyl Proline, B vitamins and minerals boost moisture content and deliver maximum results.

European Seaweed Facial 50 min – $95

This after-sun facial for all skin types is cooling and calming, while gently nourishing and hydrating the skin.

Vita Cura™ Age-Defying Facial 50 min – $110

An anti-aging facial that provides advanced skin repair. A true alternative for erasing wrinkles and restoring skin to a youthful appearance.

Gentleman's Facial 50 min – $95

A rebalancing, deep-cleansing facial that purifies, tones and protects the skin. Special ingredients help reduce razor burn, irritation and ingrown hairs. A neck, scalp and shoulder massage leaves you feeling refreshed.

Back Cleansing Facial 25 min – $85

A deep cleansing treatment for your back involving exfoliation and extractions. This treatment is perfect for those suffering from blemishes and acne breakouts.

Sea Escape Stone Facial and Body Therapy 80 min – $165

During the 80-minute escape, multi-sized stones that vary in temperature are placed on key pressure points on the body to relieve tension. Cold stones are used in conjunction with a French seaweed mask on the eye contour of the face, followed by a warm mineral mask to rejuvenate and firm the skin.

Complements to Facials and Massages Deep Penetrating Hand Treatment $25

Deep Penetrating Foot Treatment $25

Paraffin Healing $20


Fabulous Face & Feet 50 min – $195

Combine the luxury of one of our signature facials with the relaxation of reflexology. Complete healing in half the time. Perfect for those who are reluctant to miss out on valuable beach time but understand the spa is an essential part of the vacation experience.

Gentleman's Rendezvous 80 min – $165

Perfect for the busy executive. Begin your island escape with this signature treatment that combines a hydrating skin facial, a deep conditioning scalp treatment and our classic massage.

Ladies' Pampering Package 80 min – $165

No island getaway is complete until you've pampered yourself with the perfect combination of a hydrating skin facial, deep conditioning scalp massage and our classic relaxation massage.

Candlelight Couple's Escape 50 min – $320

A peaceful and romantic escape. Enjoy in unison a relaxing massage. Afterward toast with a bottle of our CuisinArt Champagne.

Reiki 50 min – $110

The ancient Japanese practice of using gentle focused hands-on touch to channel life force energy to the recipient. It is a subtle yet powerful method of natural healing.

Cranio Sacral 50 min – $110

This gentle yet powerful holistic treatment involves light techniques applied along the cerebral spinal pathway to balance and open the channel to maintain body harmony.

Reflexology 50 min – $110

Ancient pressure point techniques are used on the feet to ease pain and promote circulation and deep relaxation. Not recommended during pregnancy.


The Anguillian Massage 50 min — $130

A customized treatment involving several modalities of massage. The Anguillian is designed for you, the individual. It is an original healing experience.

Caribbean Warm Stone Massage 50 min – $115

Warmed sea stones soothe aches and pains, while promoting circulation and deep relaxation.

Classic Relaxation Massage

Ease away tension and soothe tired, sore muscles with this traditional Swedish five fundamental flowing techniques massage.

25 min – $50   •   50 min – $100   •   80 min – $165

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep and focused movements incorporate Swedish, lymphatic and deep tissue techniques to reach down into the tissue where hidden tension may lie. Deep tissue massage is perfect for those under stress.

25 min – $60   •   50 min – $120   •   80 min – $190

Exotic Essence Aromatherapy Massage

This aromatherapy massage integrates the ancient art of using essential oils from plants, flowers and herbs to balance and restore the natural energy of the body. A custom blend is selected to create a unique healing massage.

25 min – $55   •   50 min – $110   •   80 min – $180

Expectant Mother Massage 50 min – $100

This massage is customized for the mother-to-be with a special positioning of cushions. The therapist will focus on areas of concern that are associated with pregnancy. Please note: treatment can be given in second and third trimesters only.

Couples Massage 50 min – $220

Enjoy a massage together atop our terrace-level suite, while gentle breezes engulf your senses.

Thai Massage 50 min – $120

Gentle rocking, rhythmic pressure and assisted stretching revitalize the body and mind. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

The Art of Couples Massage 50 min – $125

Learn the art of healing through touch. Massage increases circulation, relaxes tired muscles and soothes the spirit. The perfect opportunity for couples to grow closer while acquiring a skill that will enhance any relationship.

Sunset Beach Massage 50 min – $130

Our beautiful sandy beach serves as a backdrop for this classic massage. Experience the ocean breeze as the sun sets on a perfect island day.


Cellulite Treatments

Vita Cura™ Cellulite Treatment 50 min – $140

This treatment is designed to target specific problem areas: hips, thighs and buttocks. Exfoliation and vigorous massage along with specially formulated cream helps to increase firmness and eliminate cellulite.

Repêchage Peppermint Sea Twist 50 min – $110

In this effective treatment, essential peppermint oils are combined with freshly harvested seaweed to stimulate, purify and rejuvenate skin. Promotes circulation, making it an ideal treatment for sore aching muscles or water retention. Helps contour, firm and shape areas of congestion and cellulite.


Revitalizing Sea Salt Glo 50 min – $95

A blend of Italian olive oil and marine salts, infused with essential flower oils and fresh seaweed. Deeply cleansing and invigorating. Healthier, younger looking skin is revealed, leaving your entire body glowing.

Honey & Almond Scrub 50 min – $95

Indulge the body with pure honey, almonds and fresh buttermilk. Based upon an ancient beauty ritual, this natural cleanser and exfoliator is massaged onto the skin, helping to purify and remove dry skin cells.

Anguillian Coconut Pineapple Scrub 50 min – $95

Delicious skin-quenching coconut milk, pineapple juice and essential oils deeply cleanse, exfoliate dry skin cells and stimulate circulation.


Warmed Seaweed Body Wrap 50 min – $110

This wrap, rich with antioxidants, combines brown, red and green seaweeds that tighten and tone while balancing. The body is gently wrapped while your skin soaks in the essential vitamins and minerals. This treatment includes a luxury scalp massage and re-energizing application of seaweed body cream.

Hydroponic Cucumber and Aloe Wrap 50 min – $95

Cucumbers harvested from CuisinArt's hydroponic farm are used to provide instant relief from sunburn and help restore moisture to dry, dehydrated skin. Fresh cucumber and pure aloe are applied, then you are cocooned for penetration and healing. A soothing application of seaweed cream follows to complete this treatment.

Hot Oil Body Healing 50 min – $120

The ultimate in skin therapy. After a gentle exfoliation you are cocooned in an aromatic hot oil designed to deeply moisturize and soothe tired, dry skin. While you steep in this deliciously soothing oil you will receive a scalp massage that will transport you to the next level of relaxation.



Our invigorating hydrotherapy treatments stimulate your muscles and revitalize, rebalance or just relax your body. We perform our hydrotherapy treatments in a specialized state-of-the-art hydrotherapy tub.

Vita Cura™ Scrub & Bath 50 min – $110

This treatment begins with a warm sea salt scrub to exfoliate and remove excess dry skin. After showering you soak away any residual stress in our hydrotherapy tub filled with enriched seaweed to nourish and soothe the body.

Thalasso Spa Mineral Bath 45 min – $95

A mineralizing bath features potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron, designed to stabilize the skin's moisture level and leave it velvety soft. A soothing scalp and foot massage finishes this treatment.

Aromatherapy Journey 45 min – $95

An aromatic healing bath of custom blended essential oils helps to soothe the tired traveler. A soothing scalp and foot massage completes this treatment.

Restoring Milk & Honey Bath 45 min – $95

This lavish bath harnesses the essential nutrients from milk and honey to cleanse, nourish and moisturize the skin. A soothing scalp and foot massage completes this treatment.

RUSK Salon


Cuts and Styles

  • Shampoo & Blow-dry    $45 - $60
  • Ladies' Cut & Blow-dry    $65
  • Ladies’ Cut (Only)    $40
  • Shampoo & Set    $50
  • Gentlemen’s Cut    $35
  • Beard & Bang Trim    $10
  • Children’s Cut    $35
  • Wedding Consultation    $25
  • Bridal Updo (Special Occasion)    $60
  • French Braid    $25
  • Braiding with Beads (Full)    $85
  • Braiding without Beads (Full)    $65
  • Braiding with Beads (Half)    $50
  • Braiding without Beads (Half)    $40
  • Single Braid (with Beads)    $2.50each
  • Single Braid (without Beads)    $2.00each
  • Conditioning TX & Blow-dry    $70
  • Conditioning TX (Scalp Massage without Blow-dry)    $45
  • Relaxer    $35
  • Relaxer with TX    $50
  • Anti-curl Straightening    $50


  • Color Application    $30
  • Retouch (Single Process)    $55
  • Single Process    $70
  • Partial Highlights (Foils)    $45-$60
  • Half-Head Highlights (Foils)    $75
  • Full-Head Highlights (Full)    $125
  • Single Foils    $5.00each
  • Full-Head Highlights (with Cap)    $90
  • Partial Highlights (with Cap)    $50
  • Make-up Consultation    $25
  • Make-up Application    $45-$60
  • European Manicure    $35
  • French Manicure    $45
  • Sea Spa Hand Treatment    $55
  • Sea Spa Hand Treatment (French)    $65
  • Youthful Indulgence Spa Manicure    $65
  • Youthful Indulgence Spa Manicure (French)    $75
  • European Pedicure    $45
  • French Pedicure    $55
  • Sea Spa Foot Treatment    $65
  • Sea Spa Foot Treatment (French)    $75
  • Exotic Hot Stone Foot Escape    $75
  • Exotic Hot Stone Foot Escape (French)    $85
  • Polish Change    $15
  • French Polish Change Hands or Feet    $25
  • Paraffin Wax Hands or Feet    $15
  • Nail Repair    $5-$10
  • Acrylic Removal    $25
  • Refills with Manicure    $45
  • Refills with French Manicure    $55
  • Acrylic Nails – Full Set    $65
  • Acrylic Nails – Full Set (French)    $75

We regret that waxing services cannot be performed on guests taking Accutane, Retin-A, or any antibiotics, due to the sensitivity of the skin.

  • Chin, Lip or Brow Arch    $20
  • Eyebrow Sculpting    $35-$60
  • Face    $65-$100
  • Neck    $25
  • Ears    $20
  • Underam    $25
  • Bikini    $35-$60
  • Custom Bikini    $75-$150
  • Stomach    $25
  • Half Leg    $45
  • Full Leg    $70
  • Half Arm    $35
  • Full Arm    $45
  • Back    $35-$75
  • Feet (including toes)    $20
  • Fingers/Toes    $1.00 per digit

Fitness Escapes

  • One-on-One Personal Training - 60min $75
  • Partner Training (2 persons) - 60min $115
  • Small Group Training (3–4 persons) - 60min $55pp
  • Private & Group Yoga Classes

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